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Friday, June 23, 2006

last night and today

Last night sleep was scarce in our household for several reasons:
1. too much Diet Coke yesterday
2. a noisy 4 month old - she wasn't crying or even awake, she just "talks" in her sleep
3. the dying battery alert in the smoke detector -- could there be anything more annoying???? I'm thinking no.
(btw - I got up at 6:15 and went to the store to buy a 9 volt battery - we have MANY batteries in our house because of the plethora of baby items that run on batteries -- we have AA, AAA, C, D, and probably some others, too, but no 9 volt!)

Advancements of little J this week -
1. She can now put the pacifier in her own mouth. I found this out when I went to load the dishwasher and came back to find her with the pacifier in her mouth (when it hadn't been there before-).
2. She has mastered rolling from her back to her stomach. She did the other roll (stomach to back) when she was only 3 weeks or so, mainly out of anger at us because we put her on her stomach). The details - same thing as with the pacifier the first time - I did not see her do it at first, I just stepped into the kitchen for a minute and came back out to find her on her stomach.
3. She is mobile - if on her tummy she can flail enough to move SLOWLY across the floor. If on her back she can scoot on her butt more quickly than the flailing. If on back or tummy she can move faster and more efficiently if she has something to push off from.
4. In addition to her many MANY other sounds ( she is noisy and "talkative," which John blames on me!), she can now blow raspberries.

Successful shopping at Walmart tonight. Got the little J some onesies that I will iron some transfers on. Don't want to tell what my plans are for those. Just wait and be awed.


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Katharina said...

Mrs. Branch, how are you? I haven´t heard from you in forever... First of all congratulations to being a mom, I´m sure your little girl is just wonderful... Feel free to send me a pic, I´m dying to see her ;-) Hope everything else is going well for you, too! Love, Katharina