"and the best thing you've ever done for me

"The best thing you've ever done for me, is to help me take my life less seriously - It's only life after all"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A year in the life of a newborn's mother - or the reason this blog's title

Today my newborn daughter "little J" is 7 weeks old. And I have a blog on another site (shhh don't tell anyone), but my activity on that site has been a little slack for a while. So I thought I might try a new site and a new blog, especially since I will probably mainly write about baby stuff. It seems that's all that is on my mind lately. I guess that will change when I go back to work in a week, but . . .
So, on to the reason for the title. My husband has a great book someone gave him with the subtitle A Year in the Life of a Newborn's Father. In the book, the author imagines that the baby refers to him as the fuzzy guy (which works for my husband since he has a goatee and mustache) and to his wife as the food lady (which doesn't work completely for me since I am not breastfeeding and my husband feeds her about half the time). Therefore, my husband decided that our baby must think of me as "that redheaded lady." (Just a thought -- newborns don't have very developed vision, right? so it's doubtful that she knows I have red hair, right? oh well.).
A small rant before I go. I have mostly gotten over the whole not breastfeeding thing. It was a very hard decision, and there were many reasons why we discontinued it after two weeks. I just wish other people (who can and do breastfeed) understood how hard that was and that we did not just make the decision out of convenience. I talked to a college friend last night on the phone, and she made some remark about how it has really helped her to bond with her child. And maybe I am just paranoid, but later she kinda sounded like she was saying I wouldn't/couldn't bond with mine as well because of the decision that I have made. That also ignored the fact that my body/doctor/etc. made the decision for me. Anyway, like I said, maybe just paranoid. I just wish it would quit being an issue. I don't want to feel anyone else judging me for it all. You do what you have to do, and you do what you think is best for your baby. She is the main thing.
In other news, my baby is precious. She is changing and growing so much it blows my mind. My husband and I were looking at video we had taken last night, and that made it so obvious. She even cries louder and bigger now (ha, ha).