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"The best thing you've ever done for me, is to help me take my life less seriously - It's only life after all"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Couldn't think of a title for today's post.
It has been a busy day. To work for me - a full day class on Professional Learning Communities in schools. Some interesting stuff, really. Like for instance the unfairness of a zero. And before you tune me out (like what I did when that statement was first made this morning), just read - Think about grading scales: 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 69 and below=F. At least that is the one we use. Think about that - 10 points for every level except failing . . . and for failing 69 points! I'm not sure about exactly what to do about it, though. I am not suggesting at all that we just give kids a grade - say a 50 - instead of giving zeroes. I' m just putting this out there. And of course there's the other thing, which is that zeroes are many times given for work that is a homework check, and they reminded us all that we have to think about whether or not it is "busy work" if they are just getting a 100 or a 0 for it. And then there is the fact that a zero doesn't indicate any level of student achievement or understanding - it just says they did not do it. So again - just putting this out there. Let me know what you think I could do -
On a different note, tonight John and I FINALLY brought in all 25 boxes of books and crap that had been stored in the garage and are FINALLY unpacking them all and putting the books into cases. We buy entirely too many books. I am going to get rid of a bunch and then kick the habit. I will either re-read something I have or get something from the library. The only exceptions being books from authors I love and know and collect - Sophie Kinsella, Rachel Gibson, Jennifer Weimer ( those are all chick-lit authors and basically trash) - or Anne Tyler, Alice Seabold (those are less commercial) - or classics. I know, that seems like a lot of exceptions. But really it's not. Most of the books I buy are $6-12 romances that take me maybe 2 days to read at the most. So they add up. I think that's what one money manager guy calls the "latte factor" - and that's something I CAN eliminate.
A final item before I close. I spent last night working on an invitation for a picnic supper for a girl I went to high school with (she's getting married). And I was reminded how much I love to create invitations, cards, business cards, etc. This one was 2 layers - white on top of red - with a red and white gingham bow and little ant decals ( think picnic). So I really wish I could start a business doing that - designing and printing and making such things. If anyone wants me to make some invites or something, let me know. Maybe I could bring in a little extra money so I can keep little J. in the designer clothes she's becoming accustomed to-

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Andrea said...

You know, Kat... with your creativity and love for words, there's NO reason why you couldn't make a living working with and creating stationary (sp?)! I think you'd be great at it and since Shaheen's is now closed, I think the Kitchen Gallery is the only place in Warner Vegas that even offers something close to that! Gor for it... Be Brave! :-) Andrea