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"The best thing you've ever done for me, is to help me take my life less seriously - It's only life after all"

Sunday, October 03, 2010

My favorite time of the year ;(

The doc placed me on bed rest effective Tuesday of last week. This is hard for many reasons, not the least of which are:
1. I still have 8 weeks until the baby should arrive.
2. I had a sub set up - but only for the month of Dec.
3. I had lesson plans figured out for a sub - but only for the month of Dec.
4. I still have things left to do in the nursery.

But here's what I have decided is the most difficult part of it all: Fall.
Very strange that my bed rest has coincided almost exactly with the change of the seasons. Mid-week last week was when it cooled off around here. And I am supposed to be on bed rest. Inside.

Things I love about Fall (most of which I will miss this year):
1. Cooler weather - without being cold weather. I mean, Fall in GA means you can still wear flip flops and sandals, but you might want to do so with long pants and a long sleeve shirt on. I love that.
2. Lane Packing and other outdoor venues for Fall fun. Last year we had the most fun going to Lane for a trip through the corn maze (not as creepy as it sounds), time in the pumpkin patch, and a chance for Jena to play in the cornbox (like a sandbox but filled with corn). And then there was the Pumpkin Patch at Christ UMC. We had fun walking around picking our pumpkin and coming home to carve it.
3. Halloween. I say ppppfffttt! to those who consider Halloween a holiday for heathens. We love the holiday, and most years we all dress up. Jena loves that. She especially reminisces about the year she was 2 when she and I both were Minnie Mouse. Our fav thing to do as a family: head to Forsyth for Trick-or-Treating on the square. Love it. Good people. The chance to eat at Jonah's. Much fun for all.

I really think this list could go on and on. There are lots of things I could add - like chili on Friday nights and hot chocolate after football games (contrary to popular beliefs amongst my friends, I do enjoy a high school game - particularly when I don't have to sweat through the game!). I could also add the masquerade party John and I usually attend (without Jena) - that s a good time with old friends, and we will miss that this year. I would include Thanksgiving, but the baby should be here by then, so I won't really consider that "missing out."

Anyway, I guess this is a bit of a pity party. But I LOVE FALL and am sad to be observing it from a window in my house this year. It will be worth it in the end - I know that is true.


Not Hannah said...

Oooh, feeling your pain, lady. Nothing other than "I'm sorry..."

Mary said...

Think about next year when the little one will be discovering fall. Take care.