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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crowning glory

So I think most of us have one thing that sets us apart - one thing about ourselves that we really like - something that makes us feel unique. You probably don't have to be a genius to figure out with me that it's my hair.
I love my locks. I have the occasional "bad hair day," yes, but I have been told by many that they can' t tell. I have even been told that my hair looks great first thing in the morning, right after I get out of the bed. (Must have been a good night - not a night when a 5 month old woke me up 2xs.)
But since pregnancy two things have happened that make me unsure of my "crowning glory." #1 I have admitted to a few of my friends. That is - to date (since pregnancy) I have found 11 gray hairs. Not blond, not clear (I have those mixed in with the red), but SILVERY GRAY.
#2 I have not been able to bring myself to talk about. I have been losing whole handfuls of hair. I was really scared about this one, and I guess that' s why I haven't talked about it. I am sure my husband was a little bit aware, seeing as our bathroom almost seems carpeted now. BUt I just couldn't put it into words to anyone until today.
Why didn't #1 bother me so much? Hair dye, I guess.
#2 just seemed solutionless. I mean, even if I don't develop a bald spot (like my dear sweet baby has on the back of her head), I might have thin hair. And I have never had thin hair in my life!!!
But last night when I could not sleep I read an article about changes pregnancy brings on. And it said that about 2-10 months post pregnancy many women notice hair loss. But it said that it should not last for much longer than the first year after pregnancy. So I am optimistic. Perhaps my hair is safe.
As for the gray, John says he thinks I should leave it to nature - let it be gray if it's gonna. Let me know what you think -- I had always said I would be a redhead until the day I die (dye???).

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Anonymous said...

Leave it until it becomes extremely obvious and starts aging you - which will probably be 15-20 years from now. Pluck the random stray gray until then.

I've been blaming physical problems on pregnancy for 12 years now...