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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

rockstar: supernova

So- John and I love this show, and we had a great time watching last season. A few observations:
1. Lukas will probably win because he has such a bad attitude and pisses everyone off. Same as JD last season.
2. Toby is great, but his name is less than stellar. I'm not sure that this will matter, but it's just an observation.
3. Dave Navarro is annoying and very Paula Abdulish. He seems to like everyone and compliments the ones who really suck (see Phil-). Then he says mean things to a few who are actually good (see "Cats" comment to Storm -).
4. Dana is quite good, but I am sure she is getting tired of being picked on for being the 22-year-old Southern girl. Maybe the boys are afraid they can't handle her. Or that her Daddy will come after them with the Southern militia if Tommy Lee gets anywhere near her.
5. What would be helpful and interesting is if we could vote for the people who should go home. I wonder if the results would be any different. What I think would be really good would be to have people call in as the performances are going on and vote the performers off. And in "Gong Show" fashion, the ones who get a certain number of "no" votes would be gonged off as soon as that number of votes came in.
Anyway, it's good summertime fun. And one last observation - I think Chris Daughtery would have fared better on Rockstar. Although he made Idol interesting.


John said...

Yes, a few of those Rockstar folks have me saying "please, gong them!"

browneyegirl said...

I agree totally with your Chris Daughtery comment.

Anonymous said...
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