"and the best thing you've ever done for me

"The best thing you've ever done for me, is to help me take my life less seriously - It's only life after all"

Friday, June 15, 2007

great dads

Sun. is, of course, Father's Day. So in light of that, I want to make a couple of remarks - shout outs, maybe. I think this was inspired because I *accidentally* listened to a couple of radio hooligans taking phone calls this morning from people who were thanking their father figures. Several people called in and talked about the hard lessons they had learned from their dads - some lessons not taught in the nicest or kindest kinds of ways. And others called in and talked about stepfathers and other men who had stepped in and mentored them - and those sort of non-typical father figures became the focus of the program. I am not writing this to discount those non-typical dads. On the contrary, I am very glad those kinds of men are out there (to step up and be there when others don't). I just, for an instant, thought that I should call and mention the very typical dads who are a part of my life - the "normal" dads - the "storybook" dads - the "urban myth' dads -

The first dad is most obviously - my Dad. He and Mom have been married for right around 40 years. He has worked hard to provide for his family and really wants very little for himself. Mainly a 44 ounce drink, a big ole hamburger, and perhaps a really bad movie on TNT or the Lifetime network. But seriously, I think the main thing he wants is to see those he loves secure and content and provided for. He is the "Father Knows Best" Dad - as my husband has said time and again, taking a step into his house is like "straight up 1950s." I struggled with that at times (when I was a teenager), but now I see nothing wrong with that. My Dad is not perfect, though he would really like to be. His desire for perfection, though, is not so that he could claim greatness or lord himself over anyone - as I mentioned above, his desire for perfection hinges on his desire to see that those he loves are content and well-cared for. For that I love him so - so much.

The second dad is probably obvious to those who know me - my husband. He may be a "Father in the making" but at times I wonder how he can know so much. When I am worried and afraid that I have handled something wrongly (something that, I am sure, does not surprise those who know me), he is always there to reassure. And he IS reassuring. He loves this parenting stuff, I think, almost more than I do. And I did not think that was possible. Tonight he was really not feeling well, but he held on until we had her down for bed because, as he first said, "he wanted to help me out" and as he later said, "I would miss it too." And what would he miss? The child walking around the house with my sunglasses on, bringing us books to read, kissing the dog, splashing in the tub.

Yes, two "typical" (non-typical?) dads - definitely worthy of praise. I love you and am thankful for you both.


John said...

I love you too! Jena makes me WANT to be a SuperDad. She deserves it. You do too.

Amy said...
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